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 Visiting the cemetery in the world aircraft

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PostSubject: Visiting the cemetery in the world aircraft   Visiting the cemetery in the world aircraft I_icon_minitimeThu Jun 28, 2012 3:01 pm

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We are waiting until melted ...

Have you ever curious and wondering where to go for old vehicles when they were "outdated" yet? If only cars, motorcycles, it will be stored in dumps old cars but vehicles to aircraft size, the child star? We'll go where you have "dead"? Let me find out the airplane graveyard no less interesting and scary world Nhe!

A. Aircraft graveyard in the desert of Arizona, USA

Where the U.S. military aircraft were "buried" is Davis Monthan Air Force base in Tucson (Arizona). Known as "The Boneyard" (hunt down), the cemetery has an area of ​​10.5 km2, located at coordinates 32o08'59, 96 "N, 11o50'09, 03" West on Google Earth. This particular cemetery is completely confidential and not for the public to visit. But it happened, Google's satellite has provided us with images of high resolution area.

Image plane is at the cemetery on Google Earth.

The official name of this base is AMARG 309th (309th Aerospace Maintenance and Regeneration Group - the improvement and maintenance of aircraft No. 309). In the photos collected on this cemetery, if observant you can fully recognize some familiar plane: from the B52 Strato Fortress (the "monster" in the sky roars Vietnam stopped following activities SALT treaty between the U.S. and USSR) to the U.S. Navy F14 Tomcat famous Hollywood screen ... In fact, this place is "grave" more than 4,000 American combat aircraft which is essentially the method use of war in World War 2 as A10 Thunderbolt USAF, Boeing - USAF B1 Lancer is waiting to be melted, used machinery and other items.

These planes are waiting to be melted.

A marginal disclosed previously, this area was the context in MV "Learning to Fly" by the legendary rock slide TomPetty and the Heartbreakers! It went on to become a place "hot" when recently, in the latest series of Transformers - Revenge of the Fallen, this place has been used as materials in the film.

Two. Cemeteries in Ukraine plane

Counterweight to the U.S. during the Cold War is none other than the Soviet Union. After the collapse of power, the means, such as fighter aircraft was allocated to member countries mainly Russia and Ukraine. But in Ukraine, high technology has not really developed the field of airport and other aircraft types have not been used much and they are resting at the airport.

Image plane graveyard in Ukraine.

Among the fighters of this type must include the L-29 series. This is one of the successful training aircraft in the world designed by the Czech Republic in the early 1960s. More than 3,000 units launched to military service many countries around the world, particularly in the Soviet air force was 2,000 units. Lower parts of the weapons pylons L-29 can carry extra fuel tanks or weapons mass 200kg. Egyptian Air Force L-29 used to attack Israel.

The L-29 images.
Ranked second in the aircraft graveyard is light transport helicopter Mil Mi-2 armored. All helicopters have been removed to support the main rotor entangled. This is one of the successful design of the Soviet Union and there are more than 7,000 units launched. Mil Mi-2 rocket carrying the pipe sizes 57mm and 23mm cannon for mission support short-range attack.

Images of the Mil Mi-2 aircraft.

Pictures of the AN-24 with two turbine engine AI-rotor 24A.

Besides the aircraft as transport aircraft and several Mil Mi-8 equipped with the AN-24 twin-engine turbine blades for AI-24A aircraft with a maximum speed 500km/gio, range 2.400km. That strange aircraft is far in this star remains a red icon on the body of the former Soviet Union.

3. Cemeteries of civil aircraft in Southern California, USA

Together the U.S. and back country exploring graveyards large civil aircraft no less than the cemetery next to the fighters. That airplane graveyard at Victorville (Southern California).

Images of old Boeing is waiting on is melted.

Not spectacular as the big military base here, but also contains many relatives older aircraft, can not wait for day use melted. Among these are mostly old Boeing aircraft Boeing 727-225 is typical. It is known that the aircraft in this largely firm owned by Delta Airlines.
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Visiting the cemetery in the world aircraft
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