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 Jake Gyllenhaal - Prince of Persia conquered the big screen summer

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Jake Gyllenhaal - Prince of Persia conquered the big screen summer Empty
PostSubject: Jake Gyllenhaal - Prince of Persia conquered the big screen summer   Jake Gyllenhaal - Prince of Persia conquered the big screen summer I_icon_minitimeSat Apr 14, 2012 2:52 pm

Most awaited this weekend is fiction action film based on the video game, with the participation of the star-handsome Jake Gyllenhaal Prince of Persia - The sands of time (Prince of Persia-The Sands of Time) .

Jake Gyllenhaal - Prince of Persia conquered the big screen summer T6a10
Jake Gyllenhaal and Gemma Arterton

Dastan not born as a prince. Lived in Persia in the sixth century, Dastan is a street kid, not parents, not penniless. The risk of severe penalty of an officer for daring to stand out to protect a boy stealing apples, Dastan has been away the sin and then by King Sharaman adopted respectable, because he has looked definition that exudes a remarkable place this street boy. Growing up next to princes of the king TUS same Garsiv Sharaman and be taught the wisdom and noble demeanor, Dastan retains strong character and become a heroic warrior ...

Ancient Persia is one of the attractions of the discovery of the audience. The film is based on the psychology of people living in the sixth century here, as they also believe that the vision will come true, believe that you can find a dagger can turn back time . With great performances parkour, the fierce race ostrich, or the large-scale war in the Middle Ages in the Near East, the Prince of Persia-The sands of time promises to create a rich picture and lively.

Prince of Persia - The sands of time opening day at 04.06 MegaStar national system and the Galaxy Cinema, Lotte, Thang Long, Dong Da.

Also on 4.6, Desert Storm (Green Zone) - war action movies starring Matt Damon also star will open in theaters Cinebox system, Tan Son Nhat, Dong Da, Toan Thang (Ho HCM) and theaters Democracy, the National Film Center, Ngoc Khanh, August (Hanoi).

Long leg action, action films, comedy starring Hong Kong's Charlene, Sandra Ng, Ly Manh Quan, Lu Yi ... Galaxy Cinema will open in Hong Dao and Lotte District 7 (Ho HCM). This is considered a "Miss FBI" Hong Kong version.

The film was shot in Morocco, where temperatures reached 50 degrees C. The horrible summer heat but the crew was very pleased by the context here. Producer Jerry Bruckheimer said: "This is a perfect place to make a movie about the ancient world, by the vestiges of ancient and modern exist side by side overlapping. Even the restaurant, bar and luxury hotels springing up everywhere, the craftsmen still ply the product processing craft and the traditional instruments as their ancestors did for thousands of years " .

More than 3,500 weapons of all kinds made from any material sufficient to meet the requirements of each scene. The local craftsmen have contributed a lot of props for this production. Their ingenuity has led to admire the designers because the skills crafted wooden materials, leather and metal which has not seen much in the developed countries.

In this series of scenes in the desert kingdom of Sheikh Amar, to increase the impression the film, the crew has put in an ostrich race. These animals are notoriously bad, smelly and dangerous. That is why they rarely appeared in the movies. However, this time, the race promises to be fun and exciting.

Its appeal comes from the movie Jake Gyllenhaal as Dastan. The film's most prominent may be mentioned Jake Brokeback Mountain, Brothers, Zodiac, Jarhead ... Gemma Arterton, who was born in 1986 in British beauty will play the princess Tamina.
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Jake Gyllenhaal - Prince of Persia conquered the big screen summer

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