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 Skylar laine american idol

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PostSubject: Skylar laine american idol   Skylar laine american idol I_icon_minitimeSat Apr 14, 2012 4:22 pm

Last night, Han HeeJun just missed the top three most dangerous night with Skylar Laine and Hollie Canavagh, although last week he successfully performed the song "A Song for You". However, as many predict, the performance style has led to a colored man from kimchi to a halt.

Among the contestants of American Idol this year, HeeJun Han is one of the few to receive favor from the audience. Partly because he is Korean only reached top 12 of this year's competition. Not to mention, HeeJun Han also makes the audience very interesting when these actions do frequently so cute on stage. However, the selection of songs in a tone that made the image of HeeJun pretty boring the audience. There are sources that many entertainment companies in Korea are beginning to invite HeeJun the troops in his company.

Candidates eliminated from the top HeeJun Han 9

He also had the opportunity to perform the song "A Song for You" for judges to decide the next step with his ticket "saved" or not. However, the judges said that this song is not enough to convince them to keep HeeJun stay, therefore he was disqualified. Tyler judges shared that: "HeeJun, the night before the exam you have to see everything we have returned to be you ... However, following discussions, we decided to leave you ...". Meanwhile, Jennifer Lopez female judges can not keep crying because HeeJun stay. With her, from Korea he made her feel extremely interesting.

Jennifer Lopez loves candidates especially HeeJun

On the night of exam week, has been criticized HeeJun attitude not seriously involved with the program. But when the night of competition this week participating, as molting HeeJun be successful when the song "The Song for You" and he is also one of the most favorite contestant last night of competition. Jennifer herself has stated that: "He is standing at this stage we know that he can express such a great way." Currently, after HeeJun Han eliminated contestants, fans of the American Idol in Asia are putting all their faith in Jessica Sanchez - contestants bring in their half-Filipino.

Asian fans put their faith in Jessica Sanchez

That same night announced candidates were excluded, last year's champion Scotty McCreery has performed a new song "Water Tower Town". While Nicki Minaj - voice are the most popular female rapper now brings her new song "Starship". That same night, Nicki revealed that she enjoyed being a judge for a reality program. She shared with the audience: "I hope I can go back and present here as a jury." Nicki also told humorous MC Ryan Seacrest: "J.Lo, she could give me a little bit positions that are not."

Nicki Minaj
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Skylar laine american idol
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